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Traveled to Brantford, Ontario in March, to the PC Museum. Syd Bolton, the museum’s founder and curator, drove into downtown Toronto to pick me up, along with TV’s Steve Tilley and Youtube’s Erika Szabo. Syd summoned us to his museum for an event called a Game Soiree. I’ve never been to any sort of event with the word “soiree” attached to it. I was concerned that it might be sleazy. It wasn’t.

We were all at Syd’s modest estate from 2 p.m. until 11 p.m. So it was a pretty good chunk of our day.

But come on—it’s Syd, right? He’s the most eccentric Canadian I’ve met. His entire life is built around gaming, and computers, and nerd culture. It’s honestly difficult to know where the work ends and Syd’s private life begins.

Special thanks to Tilley, Szabo, Shane Luis (also of Youtube), and to Syd, for feeding us spaghetti, opening his home, and letting his calvary of tiny, precious, snow-white dogs lick our hands and faces.

Update: I have a subsequent conversation with Syd that I’ll be posting soon. Stay tuned for that.

-Scott J.



3 thoughts on “A Postcard from a Game Soiree – March 2017

  1. There’s a palpable difference in energy level when comparing the car trip to/car trip back… except for Syd. His energy level and enthusiasm stays PRECISELY the same.

    If I ever find my way to Brantford, I’ll be sure to check out the PC Museum (which I picture is right next door to the Gretzky’s).

  2. Ooooo – Heavily Pixelated – tres noir tones, nice production values. The World According to Scott Jones! Go Scott Go!!

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