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The latest episode of Heavily Pixelated is a celebration of Mass Effect, specifically how the original trilogy of games helped one gamer understand herself better.

Note: I’m ridiculously proud of this episode.

Thanks again to the brave, incredibly articulate Ashley Cooper for sharing this story with me (and now you). You can read Ashley’s writing here: It goes without saying, but she’s worth reading.

Special thanks to Mac Walters, the director of Mass Effect: Andromeda, who took time out of his day busy day to talk to us.

Thanks to Steven Nikolic for his ongoing technical support and vaunted website-building skills. (Translation: He makes all of this stuff look good and sound good.)

Finally, thanks to my partner and friend, Sarah Deakins. What inexhaustible talent and drive that woman has. Sarah inspired me every step of the way during production.

If you like this episode, please share it with your friends, colleagues, co-workers, etc. I need more listeners.

More episodes are coming soon. Stay tuned.


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3 thoughts on “Heavily Pixelated: Episode 9 — Mass Effect, A New Friend

  1. If you’re going to be a part of a community – and you don’t fit squarely in the mainstream on the identity spectrum – the gaming community is as open and welcoming as any I know.

    One of my favorite pro gamers ever is Ricky Ortiz. Over the years he had made a name as not only one of the best and most entertaining Street Fighter players ever but also as a flashy, ambiguous, flamboyant person people loved to watch.

    The FGC (Fighting Game Community) nicknamed him “Pretty Ricky.”

    He was celebrated almost unanimously as a great person and player.

    He identified openly as a gay man.

    I lost touch with the FGC for a couple years until SFV hit and when I came back into the fold I learned Ricky now identified as Ricki Sophie Ortiz, a woman.

    It took a minute to wrap my head around it (remembering the respectful pronoun to use, etc). I was happy to see Ricky embraced as much as, if not more so, than ever before.

    And this is a community full of its fair share of knuckleheads. (sidenote: interestingly, the top two female Street Fighter players are both trans).

    It’s a complex, personal issue and Ashley’s story sounds as dissimilar to Ricky’s as it does similar.

    Thank you both, Scott and Ashley, for telling this interesting story. Much appreciated.

  2. I really enjoyed Ashley’s story and am very happy she was willing to share it. Mass Effect is my favourite franchise and I wasn’t sure if there was anyone that enjoyed it as much as me, but apparently Ashley did and on a level I have never been taken to by a videogame. I’ve relied on videogames as a form of entertainment and escape during a trying few years and would love to hear more stories like this from others that use games to help them during tough times. Get out there and make some more friends, Scott.

    Great episode

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