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Hello, good people! Went out to New Westminster again, this time to visit a used game store called Press Start. Found two guys behind the counter: Russ and John.

They were smart, thoughtful guys who 1. own a used game store and 2. are both in successful romantic relationships.

How do they do it? What’s the secret to opening your own store? Why does Press Start have a “No Pants” policy? Click the button below to find out.Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.56.44 AM


2 thoughts on “Brief Conversations with Interesting People (Press Start) Ep.3

  1. Those guys at Press Start are great, easy to work with from a collectors point of view.

    I like to visit this store on my lunch from time to time but it’s hard to get away without talking to the guys for an hour, haha!

  2. This podcast was made for rainy days. I almost feel like you should hear the patter of rain faintly in the background.

    Before you mentioned it, I thought the same thing about the number one game on the used game store checklist: Castlevania SOTN. The Saturn version would really impress me. Still haven’t played that version however it’s supposedly the best one available.

    SOTN was one of those weird games for me that I discovered late and wondered how I missed it. I briefly worked at a pawn shop a long time ago and someone brought in a copy. I had dropped out of interest playing my PS1 right around when SOTN came out and a few years had passed. It still seems strange that I didn’t hear about it.

    I played it on a whim (got back into gaming with the PS2) and discovered what would become my favorite game of all time. I thought it was this secret gem I stumbled on until I saw the positive reviews on the internet. I still marvel at how much of a masterpiece that game is.

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