February 25, 2016 scottcjones 5Comments

The Englishman and I exchanged business cards, wished each other well, said goodnight. As soon as he was gone, I felt a tiny tickle of excitement in the top part of my stomach. I was alone, and that tickle was my body’s way of telling me that I was happy to be alone again. Was it typical for me to feel excited like this after a seemingly harmless chat? It was. It’s always been this way for me. Once, after a business meeting in a hotel barroom in Vancouver last winter, I stopped off in the lobby Men’s Room and caught a glimpse…

December 14, 2011 scottcjones 9Comments

R.I.P. Jones Report. You were not meant for this world.
Welcome to the new and improved version of The Jones Report. Only it will no longer be called “The Jones Report.” The Jones Report, as you know it, is now dead. For all early adopters and supporters of The Jones Report: I THANK YOU. It is gone now. The site served me well for many years. But now it is time for us to hold a pillow over its face like in the movie Million Dollar Baby. [Insert sounds of struggling HERE.] (more…)

September 1, 2010 scottcjones 7Comments

>For three days last weekend, Vic and I walked around Toronto’s Fan Expo kissing babies, hugging Wonder Womans–hello again, Wonder Womans–and having our pictures taken with strangers. It was incredibly flattering. We shoot the show in a vacuum, not knowing if anyone really watches.People in Toronto? They watch. Oh, how they watch.We flew home on Sunday night. I cabbed from the airport. I walked in the door of my apartment, and before I even had a chance to put my suitcase down, one of my cats barfed all over the place.Then both cats kind of sat there, looking at me…